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Restasis Cost: Effective Dry Eye Treatment

Over the years, the incident of dry eyes in the United States have grown due to changes in the environment and it also affects the average age of Americans have dramatically increased. With this growing number of people affected by dry eyes today, there are new and effective ways on treating dry eyes that can cause great damage to the eyes.  Most individual choose to live with this condition and the physiological changes can occur as a result in decrease in tear flow.

The dry eyes can either result in decrease in tear volume and can even alternate the quality of tear. If you must know, there are several components of tears and that includes water, enzymes and mucin and each of  these components have different responsibility and if one of  these are components is missing there is a decrease or altered the result in dry eyes. As an example, when there is an inadequate amount of mucin in you tears, your cornea will change and your tears will not be constant and even coverage. Your tears break up in time and it will be short often times 10 to 15 seconds then your eyes will then become uncomfortable. When the enzymes is altered, there will be an increase in bacterial build up in your eyelid that can results in Blepharitis and can lead to lid inflammation. Having this problem, it can the reduce the tear production in your eyes. If there is a result in decrease in tear production it can result to dry eyes and due to the fact that there is a low tears production it is not enough to cover the cornea for the required period. To gather more awesome ideas, Click Here to get started.

Sandy, red eyes, burning, are some of the symptoms of dry eyes and if left untreated it will get worse over time. This will then cause the person to rub their eyes and can then lead to abrasion of the cornea. Suffering from dry eyes it can also result to cornea epithelium which can lose the transparency which will give your eyes a milky haze. Most often, it can also make your vision worse. Having continuous dry eyes can permanently alter your corneas tissue and will result to scarring. When the eyes dry out, your lid will become more involved and then the Blepharitis will get worse that will then result to an even dryer eyes. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.

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